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Watch: Brazilian Market for Renewable Energy Purchasing

Learn about Corporate PPAs in Brazil. It’s exciting when new global geographies emerge as viable for corporate PPAs, and this is exactly what has happened with Brazil. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the emerging potential of corporate PPAs in Brazil.

Six Key Considerations When Negotiating a PPA

Unless you’re a global multinational with established renewable energy procurement processes and dedicated resources, negotiating power purchase agreements (PPAs) can be a daunting task. Most companies need to engage outside support to help them do the following: While it’s not an exhaustive list, we’d suggest corporate energy buyers start with these six core considerations to help … Continued

A Route to Immediate and Impactful Decarbonization with Short Term PPAs

Recently there has been significant volatility in European power markets which has increased both buyer hesitancy and interest in PPAs. At the same time, as 2025 and 2030 decarbonization targets loom, sustainability strategies are coming to the forefront of buyer motivations rather than being secondary to hedging potential. As the market has faced significant change, … Continued

Can PPAs Unblock Access to New Battery Projects?

As renewables grow in popularity, battery storage projects are expanding too. Here’s how corporate energy buyers can benefit. Back in 2014, Europe held 44% of the world’s battery storage market. That’s since dropped back to 30% and might halve again by 2030 if current forecasts hold true. What’s happening? Europe is falling behind China and … Continued

How a Short Term PPA Can Enhance a Long-Term Sustainability Strategy

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are the leading mechanisms through which commercial and industrial energy buyers reduce reliance on fossil fuels, curb emissions, procure EACs (energy attribute certificates), meet compliance mandates, and signal their action against climate change to both internal and external stakeholders.   Volatility in power markets has increased the hedging value provided by PPAs … Continued

Decarbonizing Supply Chains Through Aggregated PPAs

As world leaders met for COP27, it was already clear that alongside reducing emissions, the energy transition must consider how to mitigate power market volatility. While nuanced, Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are one avenue to provide long term stability to energy price fluctuations while enhancing sustainability performance. PPAs are an energy contract between an offtaker … Continued

How Aggregated PPAs Create Clean Energy Options for SMEs

Mid-sized companies are the engine of the global economy. The World Bank says small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 90% of businesses globally. So, it’s safe to say that if we don’t get mid-sized companies on board, the energy transition won’t happen. Saying might be easier than doing. SMEs have big hoops to jump through … Continued

A Streamlined PPA Tendering Process Through Zeigo Power

The team at Zeigo Power has been keeping a close watch on the impacts of the war in Ukraine on energy markets throughout Europe. As we have reported in our 2023 State of the European Renewable Energy Market Report, consumers in Europe are still enduring unprecedented price volatility. Though 2023 began with markets declining from highs witnessed … Continued

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